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Awesome Magic Colouring

A red peacock, a pink elephant, a green octopus or a purple dinosaur... Why not?!!! Let your child's imagination go wild and see their creation come to life. Add a whole new dimension of augmented reality technology to your child's favourite colouring activity. Smartivity colouring sheets are designed to unleash imagination and inspire wonder. Smartivity Super Big Awesome Magic (Augmented Reality) Colouring Mega Activity kit is a cool, innovative activity for young ones of ages 3 years and above. Use the included non-toxic crayons and sketch pens to colour 34 Augmented Reality enabled colouring sheets and 34 richly illustrated Augmented Reality enabled flash cards based on 5 super exciting themes- Dinosaurs, Birds, Animals, Vehicles, and Aquatic Animals make the experience even more fun and interactive. Smartivity has developed in-house image processing and colour recognition technology that ensure that the picture comes to life in the colours that the child has filled. When the coloured sheet or the flash card is scanned, using the Smartivity app installed on a tablet or a smartphone, the animals come alive on the screen in full-3D. Children can then interact with their coloured characters at the tap of a button on FREE Smartivity Edge AR App. The FREE Smartivity Edge AR App also incorporates smarter learning, using numerous interactive learning games and activities that enrich the augmented reality experience with a dazzling, interactive 3D experience. Now, kids can enhance their analytical skills by learning about the characters through digital games and interactive animations of their very own creation. Augmented Reality technology and Smartivity patented Colour and Texture Recognition algorithm redefines the traditional favourite activity of colouring among children for the digital age. Experience the wonder of technology unleash the power of children's imagination with this set. Smartivity Edge Augmented Reality App is available for FREE DOWNLOAD on both Android and iOS platforms. Search "Smartivity Edge" in Google Play store or Apple App Store or click the links below to download the FREE Smartivity Edge App

AGE: 3+

Delivery time : The delivery period is 8-10 days from the date of order.

NRs 2000 (including tax)

5 Reasons to gift your child Smartivity Edge Augmented Reality Activities 1. Constructive Screen-Time: Smartivity Edge Augmented Reality Activities encourage your child to perform physical activity in order to get an educational digital experience. 2. All-Round Skill Enhancement: Smartivity Edge Augmented Reality Activities make children smarter by improving their vocabulary and spelling skills, while also enhancing their cognitive skills, creative skills, motor skills and analytical skills, and heightening general awareness of the world around through immersive augmented reality experience. 3. Engage, Educate, Entertain: Smartivity Edge Augmented Reality Activities bridge digital and physical worlds and deliver play-filled and fun-filled engagement that todays children demand and deserve. 4. Extended Learning: In addition to the AR engagement, Smartivity Edge AR App also includes educational games, quizzes (digital) and interactive features for smarter learning. 5. Imagination To Life With Patented Technology: Smartivity Edge Augmented Reality Activities use bleeding-edge Augmented Reality technology, and Smartivity's proprietory Colour Recognition algorithm reproduces the characters coloured by your child in the exact same colour and texture, thereby increasing ownership and pride. Our aim is to inspire curiosity and evoke wonder even as we delight your child. Skills Acquired: Improves Vocabulary, Spelling Skills and General Awareness, Enhances Creative Skills, Improves Motor Skills, Sharpens Analytical Skills Box Content: Mega Pack Containing: 34 Colouring Sheets 34 AR Flash Cards 6 Dinosaurs, 6 Aquatic Animals, 6 Jungle Animals, 10 Birds, 6 Vehicles 12 Child-Safe & Non-Toxic Colouring Pens 12 Child-Safe & Non-Toxic Crayons No. of Pieces: 92 Material: Non-Toxic Colours, High Quality Paper Product Weight: 985 gms Product Size 33 x 33 x 4.5 cms Needs Assembly?: No Assembly Time: N/A Play Time: 30 min per sheet Battery: No Age: 3+