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Flip Book

-Helps to improve: Sparks creativity, enhance eye-hand coordination and promotes concentration -Ideal for gifting -Can be promoted as activity pack -Contains 12 jumbo crayons+ 1 ergomate pencils + 15 pages flip book


Delivery time : The delivery period is 8-10 days from the date of order.

NRs 375 (including tax)
LEARN TO CARTOON 1. Each page is split in 3 sections : Forehead, Eyes & Nose, Jaw & mouth -Draw the eyebrows on the top most flap. 2. In the second flap make the eyes, ears and nose. In the third flap make the mouth as directed 3. Draw any style of hair on the top most flap. Fill in details of the face In the second flap, Make up the neck and Clothes in the third flap 4. Color & Decorate the background with Jumbo wax crayons