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Smartivity Magico

Your child is a digital native. Traditional educational approaches are too passive for her/his hyper-curious mind. Smartivity Magico blends physical play with digital technology-enabled learning to deliver an interactive, engaging and entertaining learning experience that your child demands and deserves. Smartivity Magico - The Magic of Blended (Physical+Digital) Learning To Empower Your Child Smartivity Magico Blended Learning Tangible Play Activity uses the technology in your phone into a powerful educational tool for your child and elevates the passive screen-time to constructive, learning time. COMPLETE PRE-SCHOOL LEARNING, DELIVERED PLAYFULLY Smartivity Magico covers all the fundamental learning areas necessary for 3- to 6-year old pre-primary developmental stages including: Literacy (English Language - Alphabet Recognition, Spelling) Numeracy (Mathematics - Number Recognition, Addition) Colours (Colour Recognition, Colour Identification) Shapes (Shape Recognition, Shape Identification)

AGE: 3+

Delivery time : The delivery period is 8-10 days from the date of order.

NRs 2400 (including tax)
SMARTIVITY MAGICO - HOW IT WORKS Magico blends cutting edge Computer Vision technology with sensory play to deliver a magical, mind-body engagement-focussed experience that next generation demands and deserves. STEP 1: You (adult/parent) construct the Smartivity Magico Stand. STEP: 2: You (adult/parent) download FREE Smartivity Magico App on a smartphone. STEP 3: You (adult/parent) launch the Smartivity Magico App on the smartphone and select the subject for your child's learning. STEP 4: You (adult/parent) places the smartphone on the Smartivity Magico stand. STEP 5: You (adult/parent) slides the Smartivity Magico Hat on top of the smartphone. STEP 6: You (adult/parent) invites child to play with Smartivity Magico using physical Smartivity Magico tiles. The child does not need to touch the smartphone. STEP 7: The app presents a series of questions that your child has to answer using physical tiles included in the box for different subjects. Different tiles are provided for different activities which are recognised by the app. STEP 8: If the answer is correct, the next activity will appear. Else, the app will recognise the error and suggest corrections to be made to your child. Smartivity Magico is Computer Vision technology driven learning at its best! Just like having a personal AI tutor for your child. It's magic! Well, it's Smartivity Magico! Intuitive sounds, visuals and a kid friendly interface make sure that your child finds it easy to browse through the app. SMARTIVITY MAGICO APP - FREE DOWNLOAD (Android/iOS) CRITICAL REQUIREMENTS: Smartivity Magico REQUIRES a smartphone with 1 GB RAM (minimum) and FREE Smartivity Magico App. (NOTE: Smartivity Magico does not work without smartphone and Smartivity Magico app) Smartivity Magico Blended Learning App is available for FREE DOWNLOAD on both Android and iOS platforms. Search "Smartivity Magico" in Google Play store or Apple App Store or click the links below to download the FREE Smartivity Edge App Safety Details: Child Safe & Non Toxic. Quality checked as per international norms. Meets or exceeds ASTM and EN71 requirements. Skills Acquired: Literacy (Alphabet Recognition, Spelling), Numeracy (Mathematics Number Recognition and Addition), Shape Recognition and Identification, Colour Recognition and Identification, Enhances Creative Skills, Improves Motor Skills, Sharpens Analytical Skills Box Content: Designed for kids 3+ years old, Magico includes: 18 number tiles 64 alphabet tiles 13 shape tiles Wooden Sheets, Rubber Bands and Mirror to construct 1 Smartivity Magico stand FREE Access to Smartivity Magico Android and iOS Apps No. of Pieces: 125 Material: Eco-Friendly, Re-engineered Wood, High Quality Paper Product Weight: 600 gms Product Size: 30 x 32 x 5 cms Needs Assembly?: Yes Assembly Time: N/A Play Time: Infinite Battery: No Age: 3+